Small but colorful: Gasworks Park Seattle

The third installment of my series of industrial sites around Seattle is Gasworks Park. The park is small. Its greens are framed by colorful machinery and the popular kite hill which offers a pleasing overview over the skyline of Seattle over Lake Union.

My favorite spot is the row of “hidden” benches that overlook the lake, where the duck tour ships cruise by, some actual ducks paddle along and brave rowers make their way across even in what feels like sub-zero temperatures. Best of all is enjoying the sunshine on one’s face on one of those rare sunny days.

When I first “discovered” Gasworks Park, a group of knights practiced their fighting. More commonly, kids, dogs and joggers hang out in the park. But the drum beats of the medieval group and the clinging of swords provided an unusual welcome.

Gas Works Park Seattle-11

Gas Works Park Seattle-15
Gas Works Park Seattle-16 Gas Works Park Seattle-17
Gas Works Park Seattle-19
Gas Works Park Seattle-20 Gas Works Park Seattle-21
Gas Works Park Seattle-23
Gas Works Park Seattle-24
Gas Works Park Seattle-27

Gas Works Park Seattle-38

Gas Works Park Seattle-41

Gas Works Park Seattle-48
Gas Works Park Seattle-50 Gas Works Park Seattle-52 Gas Works Park Seattle-53
Gas Works Park Seattle-56
Gas Works Park Seattle-58 Gas Works Park Seattle-60 Gas Works Park Seattle-61




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